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About Us

                             Welcome to Yastal Natural Products.

Yastal Natural Products was founded in 1997, by Ido and Debbie Salomon. After living in Debbie's native country, Australia, the two returned to Ido's family land in the valley of Amikam, located in the north of Israel.


The couple were first introduced to natural soaps in Australia, and they dreamed of bringing their wonderful benefits to Israel. They opened a small family business in their home, where they produced natural olive oil soap from local olive groves, and distributed to local shops and markets. 

News traveled fast and soon they were overwhelmed by the demand for high-quality soap. Israel was ready for natural soap! 


Since then, both the family and their business have expanded. Today, Debbie and Ido’s four daughters are involved in the family business, based in a new facility close to their home in pastoral Moshav Amikam. 


Yastal Natural Products are best known for their natural-based soaps. Today their products range from delicious bath salts, bombs and oils to beauty and body care products such as body butter, lip balm and body peels - all handmade and free from harmful chemicals. 


We pride ourselves in locally sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible. We believe in supporting local business and ethical trading.


Primarily a wholesale company, Yastal Natural Products work closely with our clients to design  and curate a product line that suits their specific needs. Our catalog offers a wide range of soaps, essential oils, and combinations to choose from, so feel free to be as imaginative as you like!


Please contact us with any questions or queries.



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