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About our Bath Products

Showering is a part of our everyday routine, but a bath is for when we really need to indulge. Taking a steaming bath at the end of a long day is the perfect way to unwind, let go of all our worries and truly relax. The heat relaxes tense muscles and opens the pores so that the skin is ready to absorb moisture, nutrients, or other beneficial substances. Soaking in a warm bath even once a week, especially with natural bath salts, helps hydrate the skin, leaving it silky smooth and flexible. Just fill a bath with water, add some of our natural bath products, let them dissolve and dive in. 


Additional benefits of taking a warm salt bath: 


Relaxes sore muscles.

Relives pain and inflammation from achy or swollen joints due to rheumatoid arthritis, after surgery or trauma. 

Improves blood circulation for better metabolism, nerve function, and overall body immunity. 

Detoxes the body and restores its PH balance for better cellular function.

Draws impurities and toxins from the outer level of the skin for a fresher, more glowing look.

Alleviates stress and promotes emotional balance.

Induces sleep, even in cases of mild insomnia. 


Yastal's natural bath products are guaranteed to take an ordinary bath and transform it into a celebration for the senses. Made from Dead Sea mineral salts and a blend of essential oils and natural fragrances, Yastal's natural bath products are both nourishing and soothing. Dried petals add an extra level of luxury and decadence to the soaking experience, and a touch of color to please the eye. 


We offer a range of natural bath products suitable for every need: bath bombs and cubes, bath salts and bath mineral powders. Our natural bath products can be used for a whole-body soak or in a foot-bath.

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