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Bath Salts


While a hot bath is a treat all by itself, adding natural bath salts to the water takes the experience to a whole new level. Yastal Natural Products offer an assortment of natural bath salts, based on Dead Sea salts, packed with minerals and health benefits for the skin and body. Our bath salts are scented with high-quality essential oils and fragrances, their medicinal qualities complementing the wonderful properties of the salts to create what is literally a whole-body experience. 


Dead Sea salts have scientifically proven health benefits: they are absorbed into the body through the skin and help detox and balance it from within. Dead Sea bath salts improve blood circulation and alleviate pain from muscles and joints. They gently clean the skin, draw out toxins and impurities, balance the natural PH level, and restore much-needed minerals. Effective for improving a range of skin conditions, from eczema and psoriasis to allergic skin reactions and fungal infection (athlete's foot). 


Yastal Natural Products blend the finest salts with natural aromatic plant extracts and high-quality essential oils and fragrances. A sprinkle of dried flower petals make the bathing experience particularly enchanted. 


All products can be customized to create a signature line of bath and skincare products such as natural soaps, bath salts, body butter, and peeling.


Add a few spoonfuls to a foot-bath, while doubling the amount or even more for a full soaking bath. 

Paraben-free, SLS free, vegan, not tested on animals, natural ingredients. 



Revitalize your body and mind when you dip into a warm bath with our Jasmin Bath Salts. Relax the body and lift your spirits by soothing the tensions of the day.



Our Honey and Peach Bath Salt brings fun to your skin routine. While the honey soaks into your skin, moisturizing and healing the body, the peach brings a ray of happiness to the bath.



Soaking in our blend of Vanilla and Coconut Bath Salts will soothe your skin and relax your body and soul.



Soak in our Rose Bath Salts for some extra indulgence. Rose is calming, relaxing the body and soul from the tensions of the day.



The countless benefits of old fashioned Lavender Bath Salt make it the perfect addition to your bath, leaving you calm and ready for a peaceful night.



The blend of patchouli, lavender and vanilla in a warm bath will relax the body and detoxify the skin which helps to slow the ageing process.

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