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Body butter is the key to softer, more moisturized skin. Perfect for particularly dry skin, or simply for that extra bit of self-pampering everyone needs. Yastal's body butter is rich with natural ingredients including Shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax, all packed with health benefits for the skin, from anti-oxidants that fight skin aging and wrinkles, to essential vitamins and minerals to nourish and revitalize.


Unlike regular body lotions, body butter has very low water content, giving it a lush, thick consistency that not only feels amazingly luxurious when applied but also locks moisture into the skin and creates a protective layer. Together with our custom-blended essential oils, our wide variety of body butter will leave the skin rehydrated, smooth, and smelling absolutely divine! 

Body butter can be used in the shower, as a wet-skin moisturizer, or afterwards, on either wet or dry skin. It can be used for massage, especially for tired feet after a long day of work, shopping or sightseeing, and for topical treatment of particularly dry areas like elbows or heels.


Rub your feet with body butter before bed, put on a pair of comfy cotton socks and leave overnight – you are guaranteed to see results in the morning. Anywhere you choose to apply it, our body butter will absorb instantaneously without leaving your skin oily. 


Just got back from the pool? Body butter can also serve as a great body rub and chlorine remover to avoid that nasty itching, drying, or chlorine odor. First rinse off in the shower, preferably with one of our wonderful, all-natural soaps, and then rub the body butter on. Your skin will instantly feel rehydrated and velvety smooth. 


Yastal offers clients a wide range of essential oils and fragrant oils to blend in our body butter, to create a uniquely personalized product.

Paraben-free, SLS free, not tested on animals, natural ingredients.




Massaging lavender body butter all over your body or just on those extra dry spots is a blessing to your skin. The lavender, blended with oils and butter, will moisturize, tone and soothe your skin, while calming your mind as well.



Using our sweet vanilla and coconut body butter will bring a smile to your face and nourishment to your body. The butter will leave your skin glowing with new life and vitality.



The blend of patchouli, lavender, and vanilla is a treat for the body. While moisturizing the skin, it has calming and detoxing qualities that assist with anti-aging.



This blend of three fragrances brings the body alive, not only moisturizing the skin, but relaxing the body at the end of the day and uplifting the spirits with delicious scents.



Pomegranate body butter is super hydrating, giving fresh and vigorous life to your skin. Perfect for all skin types, with anti-aging properties.



Jasmin is known for lifting the spirits, so moisturizing the skin with our Jasmin body butter will give new energy to your tired skin, with a peaceful and uplifting floral scent.

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