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Body peels or body scrubs based on Dead Sea salts exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Peels removes the outer, tougher layer of dead skin cells exposing and encouraging the regeneration of newer and healthier skin cells underneath. As a result, body peels help fight aging, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improves the look of acne scars and makes the skin look younger and tighter.

Body peels also combat skin discoloration due to excessive exposure to sun or chemicals, and even out skin tone. Body peels are especially helpful for dry and flaky skin, particularly on hands, feet, and elbows. Once the dry, dead skin is removed, the young skin cells beneath can better absorb moisture and nutrients, so that the skin stays hydrated for longer. 


Exfoliating with Yastal's body peels is as simple as taking a shower: simply gently massage the mixture on wet skin, then wash away the excess. Body peels can also be used on the feet: soak your feet for a few minutes in warm water to soften the skin, then rub thoroughly with the body peel and rinse. In cases of very dry skin, add some rich body butter for complete nourishment. Our body butters contain Sea salts, a natural antiseptic that thoroughly cleans the body.


Yastal Natural Products offers a variety of natural body peels based on Dead Sea salts essential oils and fragrant oils, including grape seed oil, almond oil, and sunflower oil. Scented with our high-quality essential oils and fragrances, the body peel works its wonders on both the body and soul, inducing calm or giving you a boost of energy, according to the type of essential oil or fragrant oil used. 

* Retail and hospitality clients are welcome to mix and match our oil bases and scents to create their own, signature product line.


Paraben-free, SLS free, not tested on animals, natural ingredients, vegan.



Exfoliating with Jasmine body peel is wonderful for tired dry sensitive skin. After using our Jasmin peel your body is feeling like new.



Exfoliating with Honey Peach body peel is gentle and fun for the body  as it cleans your body of dry skin



Exfoliating with this peel will enhance your massage experience leaving your skin radiant and refreshed



Exfoliate with our vanilla and coconut peel, as it rejuvenates the skin and calms the soul



Exfoliating with our Rose body peel on your body, soothes the skin leaving it softer and healthier 



Exfoliating with Lavender Body Peel is great for dry sensitive skin. Relaxing the body and soul.



Exfoliating with Patchouli, lavender, and vanilla body peel detoxes and moisturizes your skin.

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