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While soap is a must-have in any bathroom or shower, it can also be incorporated in the overall interior design of the room, adding a splash of color.


Yastal's natural decorative soaps are made from our quality, natural ingredients, and scented with high-quality essential oils and fragrances. The soap can be made in any size and shape. A wide variety of colors and scents are available.


Our decorative soap due is ideal for travelling, due its compact design, making it the perfect product for those on the move. Take your favorite scent on the road, or simply use them as an ornamental addition to brighten up your bathroom. 


Decorative soap can be used as a party favor at a wedding or a giveaway at a corporate event or business conference. These small, beautiful soap bars can also be given as a complimentary gift for store patrons and hotel guests, or used to promote brand awareness to a client's signature product line. 


In addition to adding color, decorative soap serves as a gentle, not over-bearing air freshener, thanks to its pure essential oils & fragrances. Just like bathing soaps, the wonderful medicinal qualities of essential oils work well when simply inhaled, without actually touching the skin. Putting some decorative soap scented with de-stressing lavender in an office bathroom, for example, will create a calmer atmosphere for all employees, while invigorating lemon soap will give the office a wonderful boost of energy. 


For clients in the hospitality industry, we recommend matching decorative soap with same-scent signature bath and skin products for a lasting, intoxicating fragrance on the skin as well as in the air.